Probably the key reason you subscribe to my ezine or follow me on Twitter (@enjoybeingyou) is because you value above all else your pride in doing things your way. You enjoy being you! It has become the key to everything that makes life worthwhile for you.

I have just watched a You Tube presentation of one of one of the  most inspiring pieces of music I have heard in praise of that trait.  A wonderful presentation by Andre Rieu of "My Way".

Stop wherever you are and whatever you are doing. Use headphones, ear pieces, or a good set of speakers.  Click on the link below and absorb this most empowering rendition.  Be sure you listen right through to its conclusion.

I kid you not - I believe it is worth sending out this special message to you and anyone you know who loves dealing with life in their own unique way.

Keep on doing it your way in 2013.

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