I have recently finished reading Evan Carmichael's "Your One Word" in which he suggests that, for each of us who have a passion for what we do, there is one word at the core of it all. I used his process to probe the passion around which my business revolves. One word kept repeating itself. The further I probed, the more it popped up.  The word? "Valued".

Valued as in relation to:

  • Your unique natural-born gifts/talents and passions that make up the authentic you
  • Your value of the people who love the authentic you and other like-minded people who energize your day and your life
  • My unique gifts, abilities and passion to do all I can to help ensure you invest your life in the most valuable resource you have - your uniqueness, your difference, your strengths and your passions
  • the sheer enjoyment you get out of expressing your authentic self in your own way - at work and in your personal life.

For further examples, simply read "valued" into anything on my website

The beauty is that, far from changing anything, it strengthens it, enhancing and connecting every aspect of my mentoring services.

So when next you want to, or have to, make adjustments to the direction of your life I urge you to back your most valuable assets - who you are, the talents you have and the difference you can make.

If you want further convincing of the importance of valuing yourself, think about the word "de-valued" and what that can mean to your self-esteem, sense of worth and true enjoyment of life.  Devalued is a product of what you think others expect of you.  Valued is totally within your power to build within yourself and in the life of others.

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