I hope you gain value from at least one of the following points I gleaned from an excellent range of speakers at the “Ambitious Leaders, Radical Change” Newday Summit at the Adelaide Oval, July 4.

  • What makes us great? 1) A reason to act; 2) a growth mindset; 3) Grit and resilience; 4) The courage to act. (Phil Nosworthy).
  • Go forward 5 years: What are you seeing yourself doing? What are people saying about that? How do you feel? (Phil Nosworthy).
  • When asked to define “who am I?” (not what I do), my personal response was “I am what makes me valued by others and makes me different to anyone else”. Works for me.
  • The brain is a work in progress. Interactions affect the brain of both persons, positively or negatively. Meaningful interactions don’t just grow our own brain, they grow the brain of the people we affect. Trust is a big factor in the effectiveness of these interactions. (Fiona Kerr)
  • Beyond the verve ignited by your passions comes a ‘stillness energy’, a sense of ‘sway’ or ‘heart energy’, the state in which the outputs of your passions start to flow meaningfully to others. (Sally Rundle)
  • List in order your three top passions in life. Extend the list as far as seven (still in order). Now consider the potential of re-arranging their order. Say ‘no’ more often to low priorities and those negatively impacting on your health and mental fitness. (Shivani Gupta)

Lastly some philosophical pondering. Phil Nosworthy asks “Is there something really important about ‘learning’ to being human (is learning woven into the human fabric)? Today is all we have, tomorrow isn’t promised”. What came out of that for me is whatever we have achieved through our learning to date could well become the legacy we leave behind. Hopefully we still have time to hone the quality of that legacy.

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