We spend our lives trying to avoid our most certain future event - our eventual death. At some stage in our lives we each experience a "mortality jolt" - a sudden recognition that we aren't going to get out of this world alive.  When you get that jolt, you can choose to drop your bundle, or decide you still have much to do to achieve your natural reasons for living.  These include:

  • you are a part of (not above) nature, created to grow, mature and blossom 
  • you were born with natural talents and passions - assets that enable you to achieve something uniquely magnificent
  • no other person in human history has had, or will have, your mix of talents, passions and potential. It implies a`responsibility to use those abilities to do something new and different towards the world's progress
  • you form part of a natural ecosystem of like-minded people in which you play an integral and essential role if that ecosystem is going to flourish. 

Life is an absorbing journey of magnificent uncertainty, exploration, highs, lows and self-discovery. A mortality jolt simply reminds you who you are, where you are on the journey and where you want to be, while you can.

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