Space is an issue in all long-term #relationships. Even more so when one or both partners is considering transitioning to life after work when the regular separation in the working week has gone.

In this context I see three types of relationships all of which, if already working well, can continue to do so:
• A dependent relationship – they do most things together
• An independent relationship – they do most things independently of each other
• An inter-dependent relationship – they have a considered mix of separate and shared interests

Life after leaving #work is a time in which we all want be our true selves and to do the things we love. Understanding the other partner’s space needs will take you a long way towards continuing that happy mix of separateness and togetherness.

It's a discussion unique to each couple. Ideally it ought to start now, not left until either partner stops working. With more listening and less talking. Empathetic, heart-centred listening, listening to hear, understand and learn (anew) about each other’s individual needs.

(I didn’t say it would be easy!)

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