It has been said that inside each of us is a child seeking to be set free, that the child lives within us until we die. Our search for self-identity, for finding out why we are the way we are, frequently takes us back to the events of our childhood. Whether our childhood memories are good or bad, in that child is found everything that is precious and personal to each of us, providing the building blocks for all we are and do today.

How often do you think that the person within you has never really changed, that the only changes are in how other people see you? We do our best to mask our true selves in ways that seem appropriate for each person or situation we encounter. Sometimes we feel the need to suppress, even deny, the fact of having once been a child.

As a child you had hopes and wishes and the pleasures of ‘day-dreaming’. What did you hope to be or do one day? Did those hopes become reality, or were they suppressed? Was your creativity encouraged or stifled? Do these questions trigger a sudden sense of pleasure in remembering some long-forgotten ideal?

That child is still in you. The dream can be brought to life again and become reality. The opportunities do exist. The talents that evoked your ideas may be dormant but they are not dead. You have the capacity and the will to play with that dream. The result can release in you a new sense of direction and allow you to satisfy the pangs of a nagging hunger to accomplish the unfulfilled.

Decide that it is time to free the dreaming child within so that you can become the person you wanted to be.

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