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I believe every person was born to enjoy living their best life develop their talents and allow their natural potential to blossompng

"I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set her/him free”. - Michelangelo

I believe every person was born to enjoy living their best life by developing their talents/gifts, following their passions to allow their natural potential to blossom.


The realities of modern living are too often limiting people in their natural desire to find and become the person they were born to be.

In terms of Michelangelo’s quote, the ‘marble’ represents peoples’ ‘imprisonment’ within a 21st century way of life that requires people to live according to the expectations of an economic rationalist world.  To put the dollar ahead of the heart. The ‘angel’ is the self who yearns for the freedom to grow his/her natural gifts, allowing their unique potential to blossom. 

The only person who can be the ‘sculptor’ is the individual, authentic inner self.

The role of society at all levels is to recognize, value, and extol the natural advantages and benefits of this approach as being essential to building a global environment of true, sustained human progress and achievement. 

Covid is dramatically changing the world. Now is the time for a paradigm shift in our approach to personal development and human progress.


The Michelangelo quote, in today’s terms, means freeing the true self within and allowing that self to feel accepted, publicly valued and greatly wanted in this new emerging “post-Covid” world.   

Every person was born to be different. We each have our own naturally unique mix of gifts/talents and passionate interests. These give us all the basis of achieving a potential unachievable by anyone else.

Living the life we were born to enjoy entails becoming self-aware, valuing our unique individuality, enjoying using/developing our natural-born abilities in our personal, business and community lives.

The Law of Correspondence - one of the 12 Universal Laws – includes the statement "So within, so without." This advocates the need to bring our inner self and outer self together as the oneself.  It also suggests that finding balance and happiness starts from the inside.

Freedom to develop one’s abilities, talents, gifts and passionate interests would give each individual the following benefits:

  • the enjoyment of learning with purpose,
  • working with energy,
  • managing stress and building resilience,
  • to feel positively engaged,
  • purposeful, passionate, creative/innovative,
  • solving problems more easily
  • the confidence to know others  will listen to and respect what you say
  • feeling closely connected, and
  • enjoying high self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-belief.



People want to be free to focus their lives on searching, discovering and pursuing the meaning behind, and purpose of their unique mix of natural abilities and interests.  A clear illustration is the sportsperson who recognizes and pursues the potential of their natural physical and mental abilities.  Purpose and goals become clear. They become aware of their opportunities and the hurdles to be overcome in achieving their life dreams. 

Would that we could all have the same clarity of our abilities, and potential achievements – and be encouraged to do so!  It is commonly believed that once we know what we want to achieve, the ‘universe’ finds us a way.  Or, ‘when the student is ready, the teacher appears’.




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Peter Nicholls

Adelaide Australia

Life Enjoyment Mentor “It’s time to enjoy, back and trust the true self”

August 2022

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