We measure age in years, we  measure growth in depth.

Six months after I left fulltime work in 2002 I was sitting in my home office thinking “I could sit here all day and no one would give a damn. The only person who can do something about it is me”. My passion for life was still there but what to do?

I had just published “Enjoy Being You” as a product of over 30 years working with people of all ages and backgrounds in the Recreation Development field. A reader was sufficiently impressed to ask if I could run a workshop for her team based on my book. I readily (if uncertainly) agreed. It was an outstanding success and thus began my encore career as a Life Mentor.

Your unchanging authentic self moves through a succession of life phases.  Each phase brings new experiences, giving you an accumulation of knowledge. This leads to deeper awareness, understanding, insight, perspective and wisdom. 

My “Alternatives to Retirement” program focuses on the importance of backing your authentic self - to strip yourself back to the basics of who you are (metaphorically speaking of course!) and the strengths you have developed - plus any you haven't had the time yet to develop. Being now in my 70's I bring my depth of understanding human behaviour into my programs. Not just my 15 years as a Life Mentor but also from the previous 30 plus years as a recreation development professional.

My program doesn't give you the answers to what your future might be like.  Only you can decide that. You will however leave the session with a much more focused idea of who you are, what you are good at and what you could uniquely do with your life in future years.  Your alternative to retirement might be to branch off in a totally new life direction. Or you may prefer to use your depth to give you a rich new perspective on what you have always loved doing but for reasons different - and more personal - to those you pursued in your working career.

Vital to any decisions you make to back the Authentic You include:

Key Factors in my Program

The key factors on which the program is based are:

  • Expressing your true self
  • Creative enjoyment
  • Your unique set of abilities
  • Emotional energy
  • Passion
  • A positive outlook
  • Connecting with people like you
  • Your desire to grow

We work together through an expansive manual that becomes your personalized planning resource.

For individuals – a 2-hour (approx.) consultation

Group workshops – a half day (approx.) workshop (limited to 8 persons for maximum individual benefits). Shortly I will be announcing my "Alternatives to Retirement" half-day workshop, to be held in Adelaide.  Contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone me on 0417 817 027 if you would like to have me hold a place for you.

Ask me about further more in-depth options tailored to your specific needs.

These options can extend to a six-month mentoring program in which I help you work through your re-inventing transition. This option necessitates a full discussion to be clear on your wants and also a mutual agreement on our ability to work together towards an agreed outcome.

A Speaking Engagement or Seminar  on "Alternatives to Retirement". These offer larger groups/organisations an alternative to workshopping and, while not as intensive as a workshop, are not a "freebie teaser".  Contact me for bookings at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or mobile 0417 817 027.

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