Depth of Maturity


brings closer together your thoughts on “making moments matter” and “the big picture of your life” - what gives you a sense of meaning in your life. You are becoming aware that, while your age is measured by time, your growth is measured by depth - your insight, perspective, wisdom and understanding. It's time to dig deep within your natural psyche.

What's Next in Your Life?...

Self-development, meaning and purpose will always be at the core of discovering the next stage of your life. You don't see yourself retiring. You want to know and keep expressing your best self, honing your skills and tapping into interests which open doors to new opportunities.

Your working life...

has been structured by society – in your job and in your life. You are starting to recognize your future will become more self-driven, whether you keep working or not. My special area of expertise is in providing a foundation for building your own comprehensive picture of your natural abilities, interests you deeply enjoy and talents that you have yet to fully develop.

I nurture human nature...

I focus on your natural self – the inner man or woman looking out at the world through your eyes. Like any other gardener I focus on creating a healthy environment in which the real you can grow and blossom to your natural-born potential. The growing is up to you.

Years ago, while president of a sporting club, I was told, “Peter we have not had one major conflict in this club since you became President!” My gift for understanding human nature was already emerging.

Your natural-born gifts...

have got you to where you are today. These have been deepened by your accumulated life experiences, knowledge and intuition. What is becoming more apparent to you is your growing wealth of understanding, perspective, insight and wisdom.

If you’ve been hiding your light under a bushel...

now is the time for others to see the real you in action. Bring it all together, ensure you truly know yourself, all your capabilities,. Everything you need to create your next phase of life - the many years still to come.

You don’t want to lose your sense of identity...

structured life, being valued, having purpose, feeling wanted. It’s in your hands to maintain all of them for life, whether or not you quit full-time work.

What's the legacy you'd like to leave behind?...

It’s time to take stock of your depth and centre your life around your worth. To explore your untapped potential, to take charge of a future controlled by you for as long as your health allows.

My program...

  • focuses on maximizing your awareness and understanding of your strengths on which to continue your self-development.
  • helps you to bring out all that has been positive and enjoyable in your life.
  • You will enjoy a deeper awareness and understanding of your authentic self, beyond what you could remember on your own.

What you deeply enjoy has always generated your energy to become the person of worth you know yourself to be today. Yet there is so much more to explore within yourself.

And you will enjoy my unique way of doing things. Clients have said “I learned more about myself here than through any formal psychological assessment program”.

My great joy...

is when clients experience "aha!" moments as they recall experiences they used to love before life got in the way. No matter what life throws at you, the enjoyment factor becomes the energy force that drives your growth.

Peter's personal branding can best be summarised in one word: "ease". He exudes a beautiful sense of ease, his messages are about putting the client at ease, that backing your authentic self is the essence of putting your mind at ease about your life.”   Leticia Mooney Adelaide

Simple strategies...

for knowing more about what gives your life meaning include:

  • List every type of experience that you deeply enjoy for the sheer intrinsic pleasure it always gives you
  • Growth is about how you spend your energy, not your time. Manage your energy more than your time.
  • Focus on your positive strengths…they are what make you different.

"Learn about yourself, what you are good at, what you enjoy and then push the boundaries of that to find out where you can excel" - Professor Michelle Simmons, Australian of the Year 2018.

I put you at ease...

Peter's personal branding can best be summarised in one word: "ease". He exudes a beautiful sense of ease, his messages are about putting the client at ease, that backing your authentic self is the essence of putting your mind at ease about your life.”  Leticia Mooney Adelaide

My personal hunger to keep my life growing...

stay mentally fit, age well and enjoy helping others do the same continues to feed my own love of life.

Contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or mobile 0417 817 027 for information about my half-day small-group workshops, or one-one consultations.

I also offer keynote speaking presentations on "Alternatives to Retirement" and related topics.

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