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There is nothing so private as our inner selves. We only let others see and know as much as we choose to divulge. And rightly so. We are each entitled to live the life we personally choose to enjoy living. For many, we only get that choice in our personal time. Work often demands we present a public self, one that keeps the boss happy and keeps the money coming in.

Here’s a tip if Covid is causing you to rethink your life, including your job. Think back to those wonderful ideas you had in your adolescent years about how you were going to make your mark in this world. 
·       What did you reckon you were good at then?
·       What talents/gifts did you want to develop then? 
·       Are you using those talents today in any way? 
·       How might you tweak those skills to reset your life?

Those gifts are still there – either in use or dormant. They are gifts unique to you, designed to let you choose your own way in life. 

You owe it to yourself to honour your natural gifts.

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