Enjoyment Factor Workshop

The Enjoyment Factor workshop creates a change in perspective on the life you are leading, a refreshingly energizing change in the way you think about your life and your desires for the future.

More a change of your thinking than a workshop.  You will view yourself and your life from the perspective of everything that makes you enjoy being you.

You will be making all the decisions. It’s your life and your values. I provide a sensitively-structured information and discussion program designed to help you come to some positive, productive and promising decisions about where you want to go in life and what changes – if any – you might make to your current circumstances. In an enjoyable sense, I will be encouraging you to “step outside yourself and observe your life in action”.

Fundamentally the process takes you back to basics, stripping the layers of expectations that life has gradually heaped upon you and have been inhibiting the creative expression of your natural-born talents, passions and interests.

I am not a medico, psychologist, or other health professional – though I mix professionally with such people. I am a leisure specialist. I have over 30 years of professional experience in recreation/leisure planning and development- what you might reasonably call the enjoyment profession - working with people of all ages, backgrounds and interests  in developing their leisure passions. Such work has taken me far beyond recreation and leisure pursuits to embrace all aspects of positive human behaviour at work, home and play.

Lifestyle issues are ageless, making these Enjoyment Factor workshops suitable for people of any age who feel a need to review their lifestyle.  Reasons frequently quoted for participating include:

  • improving or sustaining resilience to cope with prolonged excessive stress
  • especially suited to people planning the transition from a work-centred life to something new    (“your dessert years”)
  • work life harmony (more realistic/cost effective than work life balance)

Just some of the things you will learn:

  • how life satisfaction centres around your natural-born talents and passionate interests rather than the work you do
  • the many often emotional and personal development benefits not normally accorded to passionate leisure-based interests
  • how you can keep developing your natural talents for life, unrelated to whether or not you are in the workforce
  • a simple but highly effective self-portrait of what triggers positive behaviour in your unique life  ("I learned more about myself this way than from any psych assessment I have done" S Brown Adelaide.)
  • the key lifestyle review factors to keep in mind for the rest of your life.

Choose from the following options: 

  • A 4-hour group workshop. No more than 8 persons per group.
  • A 2-hour private one-one individual consultation.  Available via Skype also.
  • Booking me to speak on this topic is a good starting point

Contact me by phone 0417 817 027 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to discuss.  

The Enjoyment Factor is my 2016 business theme. It will be the core of my Enjoyment Factor Workshop programs, Mental Fitness Workshops, Planning Your Dessert Years (the new approach that upends the whole idea of retirement). I am also available for speaking presentations on the enjoyment factor relating to any aspect of corporate or personal life.

Call me on 0417 817 027 for an exploratory chat.

Read these genuine testimonials of past attendees - men and women:

  • "Exceptional workshop. Able to take a step back and look at my life what/how I want to go forward. Thank you Peter" , M. Lake Sydney
  • Peter is a very genuine man, who's truly interested in helping people regain control of their lives and who they authentically are. He has a wealth of knowledge and experience but I find his integrity, patience and listening skills a delight to be around in this hectic world." J Couzens Sydney
  • "A fantastic workshop! Peter, your work is really important and you're very easy to work with" L Martin Sydney
  • "Passionate presenter, immense wisdom" C. Lonergan Sydney
  • "Well worth while, presented with energy, enthusiasm, sensitivity and insight" K Dwyer Adelaide
  • "Stretched the mind - moved the barriers - 'permission-giving'." - P Jones Adelaide
  • "Thank you for bringing me out of myself. A chance to really stop and take a look at who I am". B Alcock Adelaide
  • "Excellent, thought-provoking, insightful, contemplative. Sensitively facilitated" - Steve Williams Adelaide
  • Special thanks for your session, Peter. I really found the day valuable, liked the format, group sharing and loved the handouts and book. Matt Schmidt Adelaide