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Peter's Special Area of Expertise

No matter how diverse are the disciplines of people in your organisation, a little enjoyment goes a long way towards resolving any people pains being experienced – individually and organisationally. Not just fun or pleasure or laughter – though they can be an important part. Enjoyment is something much deeper in the psyche of each person.

Enjoyment is the product of any experience that creatively expresses natural talents and passionate interests. It provides one’s natural potential to grow, develop and blossom as a unique individual.

No-one can be told what they should enjoy. It’s perhaps the last bastion of freedom from one of today’s greatest causes of stress - the control or expectations of others.

Peter enjoys speaking with passion on how Enjoyment Energises :

  • Mental Fitness and Safety in the workplace – especially in terms of WHS policies and programs
  • Work Life Harmony (more effective for employer and employee alike than work life balance)
  • “What’s for Dessert?? I’ve Finished the Main Course and I’m Still Hungry” – redefining the transition from work to retirement
  • Q:  What does enjoyment cure?  A: “Watcha got wrong with you?“ The re-emerging power and potential of creative leisure pursuits for natural personal growth, skills development and resilience – at work, home and play.

Peter's depth of understanding, wisdom, insightfulness about these topics is the product of more than 30 years professional experience in the area of of leisure/recreation planning and development, working with people of all ages and from all walks of life.

Past Presentations include:

“Leisure, Change and the Human Energy Crisis" – an outstandingly successful Keynote Presentation to the Parks and Leisure Australia's Annual National Conference,

“Stress Management Within the OHS Culture” – Staff of the Botanic Gardens of Adelaide

“Beating Burnout” – Financial Counselors Association, South Australian Branch, Professional Development    Seminar

“From Boomer to Bloomer – Creating the Next Chapter of Your Life”

 – clients of RetireInvest, Financial Planners

 - Skype presentation to staff of the American Association for Retired Persons,   Washington DC

Experiencing a Peter Nicholls Presentation

Peter presents with warmth, passion and sensitivity, reflecting the seasoned wisdom and insightful understanding that comes with his 40+ years of working with positive people from all walks of life in the planning and development of their leisure, recreation and sporting interests.

Breaking Down the Siloes

Peter's material brings all of your people together as one corporate resource, breaking down divisions of disciplines, siloes or levels of authority.  Peter sees your structure as a single flat line. From the highest paid to the lowest paid, it's like you are all presently travelling on the same train; each eventually getting off at their chosen station, perhaps changing trains as necessary, in order to get to their personal destination in life. 

While they are on your train you want to get the best out of them in terms of being:

  • committed, engaged and highly productive
  • resilient, healthy in mind and body
  • your organisation’s best advertisement.

Different huh? Bring some fresh air of human understanding into your workplace now. Talk to Peter about presenting at your next organisation event, seminar, conference or professional development day.


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