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Peter speaks about life as you know it from a perspective you won't hear anywhere else.

Peter has a very different professional background that has given him a unique and special perspective on positive human behaviour.

In his more than 30 years professional experience in the field of recreation and leisure planning and development, Peter - aka "Mr Positive!"- has helped people of all ages and from diverse backgrounds improve the quality of experiences that they really love and are at their most positive, natural and energized best.

This experience has given Peter a deep understanding of people as their true selves that makes his approach and his speaking topics unique and of immense value to every person in his audiences.

Peter re-invented his own life and re-created his true self twice - once in 1975 as a Recreation Planner and again in 2003 as a Lifestyle Mentor.  He walks his talk, speaking with authority, passion and immense personal warmth.

 Peter's Speaking Topics include...

Seeing Life Differently - How to Better See Your Life's Positives and Potential.

One of the best and most under-appreciated features of a passionately enjoyed creative leisure interest is the fact that you come out of the experience seeing life differently.  It creates a ripple effect. The more often you pursue your favourite interests, the more resilient you become to cope with the stresses of life.  This presentation is powerful because of its simplicity and ready relevance to every person irrespective of their various work disciplines.

"Hitting Life's Reset Button"

Resetting on a computer takes you back to the default setting - the one that was built into the computer at the beginning.  There is a reset button you can hit that takes you back to your original natural self,  re-asserting all of the talents, abilities and passions with which you were born.  

An essential speaking session for people experiencing a midlife change, approaching retirement, getting over the loss of a partner, or other similar major life shifts.

"What’s for Dessert?? I’ve Finished the Main Course and I’m Still Hungry” – redefining the transition from work to what used to be known as 'retirement'

"Leisure is Now Back in Business"

In the space of just a few decades, leisure has made a massive transition from "froth and bubble free time" to become a major force in stress management, personal growth, human dignity and global development.  The issues are in accepting and applying this fact into normal daily life - and not just the working life.

Of essential importance to managers of workplace mental health and safety and in demonstrating how to incorporate appropriate leisure interests can positively enhance a positive and productive workplace culture and retaining excellent staff.

"You Know How to Stay Physically Fit but What do you do to stay Mentally Fit?"

We are told a fifth of the population have mental health problems. Peter believes the way to reduce that number is to work on keeping the other four-fifths mentally fit. Mental fitness is like a sister state to physical fitness - both are something to which we can positively aspire.  How we can stay mentally fit is a key session for all businesspeople and others experiencing prolonged excessive stress in their lives.

Past Presentations include:

“Leisure, Change and the Human Energy Crisis" – a Keynote Presentation to the Parks and Leisure Australia's Annual National Conference,

“Stress Management Within the OHS Culture” – Staff of the Botanic Gardens of Adelaide

“Beating Burnout” – Financial Counselors Association, South Australian Branch, Professional Development    Seminar

“From Boomer to Bloomer – Creating the Next Chapter of Your Life”

 – clients of RetireInvest, Financial Planners

 - Skype presentation to staff of the American Association for Retired Persons,   Washington DC

Breaking Down the Siloes

Positive human behaviour knows no organisational limits or hierarchical preferences. Peter's material brings all of your people together as one corporate resource, breaking down divisions of disciplines, siloes or levels of authority.  


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