Re-Invent Your Life ... Re-create the Real You

Are you ready to hit a Reset Button Reset Button that would allow you to

Re-invent your Life and Re-Create the Real You?

Probably 'yes' if at least one of the following statements is speaking to you:

  •   “ To know myself has never been more important in my life than it is now”
  •   “I find myself much more conscious of the need to spend time with positive people"
  •   "I have noticed my priorities in life are changing"
  •   "It’s time to put me first in my life"
  •   "I used to love what I do…now I am not so sure"
  •   "If I got ‘hit by a bus’ tomorrow, what legacy would I leave behind?"

Recreate is to give new life, energy or encouragement (to); to refresh, enliven or recreate can be to create anew while reinvent is to invent again something that has already been invented. - WikiDiff

The reset button on a computer takes you back to the default setting - the one that was built into the computer at the beginning.  There is a reset button you can hit that takes you back to your original natural self with your unique natural-born talents and passions. 

Every time you make a big life change you effectively re-invent your life. You reactively changed when you (e.g.) got your first job, got married, became a parent, or quit elite sport.  Those are for reasons greater than just you.  Now you can pro-actively decide to re-invent your life and re-create your real self simply because you want to.

Why Re-Invent Your Life?

Whether or not you continue working you can :

  •   Always feel happy answering “What do you do?”
  •   Never feel old (we are all ageing from birth but who is old?)
  •   Beat ageism and the mid-life crisis
  •   Feel in control of your life
  •   Stay mentally fit
  •   Put substance into however long you have left to live
  •   Enjoy staying involved in interests bigger than you
  •   Respond positively to changing priorities in your life
  •   Consciously build your life around enjoying strong personal growth.

What do I mean by "Re-creating the Real You"?

Recreation means much more than fun and relaxation.  Derived from the Latin “recreare”… to create anew, we can and do re-create any aspect of our lives. Recreational interests have an important personal development role.  Your tralents and passions can be put to any meaningful purpose that appeals to you.

What does "Re-creating the Real You"  mean for any new phase in your life (especially if you quit your career)?

Your natural talents and passionate interests are unique to you - they establish your unique identity as an individual. They are your strength and your lifelong resource for creating your true identity and real self.

You can again identify :

  • What gives you a deep sense of enjoyment about life, and
  • What drives your lifelong desire to keep on growing as a person (self-actualization).

My unique structured process enables you to:

  • Identify all your known and latent talents and passions
  • Identify past, present and potential future energizing experiences
  • Seek new life-satisfying experiences that suit the real you.

My difference...I focus on:

  • The non-financial, personal growth factors that fire up your joy of living
  • Your mental durability to cope with life and sustain your mental fitness for the rest of your life
  • smashing the myth that leisure does little for personal development. My 30 years of working professionally in recreation and leisure planning has taught me that it's in following our passions that we grow and flourish, irrespective of whether the passion is work or leisure based.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.Curious? Hit this Reset Button to arrange a free no-obligation 30-minute consultation glimpse into the future of the real you - we can do it in person, by phone, or on Skype. You will definitely learn something interesting about your true self.