Spreading Your Wings to Fly

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In a world that wants to control your every move, steal your ideas, squash your initiative, crush your hopes and stifle your passion…

In you there will always be a flame burning, a dream that dares not to die, a love refusing to be diminished, a hope that will never be denied….

You know you were born with wings to fly, a sky that begs you to soar, a horizon that knows no limits, a heart that will always beat strongly…Bird flying 2

All you need is the self-belief, the confidence, the courage to lift your sights, spread your wings…     

 And fly……………………………..

"YES - That's me! That's how I feel. And I want the courage and confidence to fly!"             

Spreading Your Wings to Fly - a one-day retreat

honouring all your natural-born gifts that lift your sights to explore the limitless horizons of your heart in the glorious natural setting of the

Morialta Resource Centre, Morialta Conservation Park, Adelaide Saturday 24 March 2018, 9.30 – 4.30

Led by Peter Nicholls seasoned Lifestyle Mentor and Nicola Lipscombe intuitive Heart-wise Leader

At our special launch price of just $198.37 pp (GST included) Strictly limited to 15 persons

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How the retreat puts air under your wings:

  • You are born with a unique mix of natural gifts and, passionate interests that gives you the potential to be unique in human history.  It's like the ingredients of an acorn that can have only one destiny – to become a mighty oak.  For you however life often gets in the way, putting pressures on you to follow paths of economic and social expectations.
  • Yet your greatest sense of enjoyment and life purpose is still driven by your natural gifts and abilities. While it’s important to do what you have to do, a fulfilling life means never losing sight of doing what you love to do.
  • This retreat is designed to help you focus totally on drawing out all of your natural gifts – Morialta Resource Conference Room 2developed, under-developed and even latent. It aims to ensure your future is:
    • less of doing what you have to do, supported by a bit of what you love to do, to
    • more of what you love to do while still doing what you have to do.
  • You will also learn how this process totally breaks down the artificial wall between work and leisure in finding your true path in life.

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