Reviews of Enjoying Being Proud of Who You Are

  This is what readers of "Enjoy Being Proud of   Who You Are - 52 Inspirational Life-Skills Messages for Teenagers" are saying...

"What a great little book! And what a set of inspirational ideas for teenagers AND for their support workers, teachers, and parents. Attractively presented, the book provides 52 "inspirational life-skills messages for teenagers", which, in fact, could be life skills messages for everyone.

Taken at face value, the messages could be a bit vague and perhaps even daunting. Yet, if used for self reflection, as the basis for group discussions and as "take home" review themes, the messages are brilliant. Just to take one example: "Do what you love". The message, "Do what you love, love what you do and others will love you" would be brilliant for a workshop amongst young people. Ask and record "What do you love?" "Why do you love it?" "Are you doing what you love, if not why, and what can you do to change things?" "What do you need to do to be doing what you love?" What is meant by "…and others will love you" and why would they?". "Who amongst your peers and family do you feel are doing what they love? Do they "stand tall" because of this?" Might we understand them better if we knew their answers?"

Answers could be jotted down individually, or shared on a white board so that both group and self-understanding emerges. And then another "message" could be selected for the next meeting with the directions "Think about what this message means to you; what do you think it means to your friends, your family, your teachers? Might you share an understanding with those you don't get on with by discussing this message? What new messages might we add that are similar…but different?"

Clearly, "Enjoy Being Proud…" opens up a wealth of ideas, thoughts and reflections that will be helpful to everyone. The full benefit lies in working through the messages not just reading them and as such, the 58 pages is really worth 580! Maybe the author could start a blog: sharing the findings and responses to the "messages" of "Enjoy Being Proud…"

-   Dr Ken Marriott - Melbourne Australia

I gave a copy of the book to my teenage grandson who contributed to the following comments:
He found the messages were 'helpful' and provided him with 'the chance to reflect on experiences that they relate to'. He suggested the 'book would be perfect to have and use one quote each day'.
The topics cover a broad range that seems to relate to particularly older teenagers. My grandson suggested that it could have contained a section that deals with 'how others treat you in relation to who you have close relationships'. He would 'pass a copy on to someone else'.
On this basis I would give the book a four stars rating and suggest the author might consider updating this publication in the future, based on feedback from perhaps other younger teenagers.

    -   Jim Daly  Adelaide Australia,


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