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The Power of Peaceful Mental Energy

A friend of mine likes to stand with his back against the trunk of a tall tree. He says he could feel the power of the tree surging upwards from its roots on its way to the branches and leaves. He felt in touch with the awesome energy driving that tree’s indomitable will to flourish and blossom.


Nature may be silent but it’s never still. Every living tree, plant and shrub lives and grows on a natural energy system. It’s a peaceful form of energy – quietly going about its job, knowing exactly what is required to achieve its pre-determined destiny. The process demands no fuss, no stress, just an unceasing desire to grow and flourish.


We humans are ourselves creatures of nature. You have your own supplies of natural energy. It comes to you through the expression of your unique talents and passions. But your growth is prone to being stifled and stunted by an artificially-created jungle of life.


A measure of your ongoing stress levels could relate to how wide or narrow is the gap between

  • being your authentic self and
  • playing an artificial role according to others’ expectations.

While life’ demands oblige you to play roles, it’s the expression of your authentic self through your natural talents and passions that powers and sustains your emotional, mental and physical energy. Ignore that fact at your peril.

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Heard the latest change? Too late, its changed again.

Change, change, change - you can love it or hate but its as certain as death and taxes. It can be something ending or something beginning but its always about being able to deal with what the change is doing to you here and now. 

Be it good or bad change, it's burning huge amounts of your mental and emotional energy. To replace burnt energy you need to exercise not so much your body (important though that is) but your natural talents, skills, passions and potential. It does more than give you energy, it lifts your self esteem, resilience and sense of self worth.


What talent / skill / passionate interest do you regularly exercise (one that's remote from your stress life) which energizes your resilience?  Leave a comment.



Occupational mental health can't be dealt with solely within the workplace

OHS provisions have traditionally focused on physical safety and the principle of compliance to directions regarding safety of equipment, places and procedures. Stress, emotional health and mental health are growing issues of concern but don't fit the mould of OHS provisions.


Stress, emotions and mental health are 24/7 issues and therefore go beyond the bounds of occupational health and safety alone. My short answer to resolving that issue is for employers to tell staff to find passionate interests outside of work, interests that positively energize them and lift their self esteem, self confidence and resilience to face any pressures of life - at work or in personal life.


It's not only a simple but effective philosophy, its cost free for the employer.


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