Maximising Your Talents Mix

There are 7 billion unique life stories in the world today and yours is one of them (sound familiar?). Your story is the product of your natural talents, passions and life experiences. The secret  to a purposeful life is less about what your talents and passions are and more about how you mix and use those talents/passions.


You've created a mix that enables you to achieve financial security, your enjoyment of family and your personal, social and recreational interests.


At any time in your life you can choose to adjust the mix to ensure you are constantly satisfying your lifestyle portfolio of interests. People over 50 have generally come to regard work as just one part of the portfolio. This opens up your mind to creating a 'dessert mix' of interests, talents and passions that satisfy your talent taste-buds and offer new freedom to enjoy being the real you, living life on your terms.


For example, using your work talents to help people in need, volunteering for a cause in need of your special abilities, or mentoring/coaching younger people. If offered the chance to try something slightly out of your comfort zone, give it a go. Whole new worlds are opened that way.


It’s so much more satisfying too when you add another powerful ingredient to the mix - mixing often with positive like-minded people.


This is just the tip of the iceberg. My latest book The Hunger to Grow is packed with real-life information to

  • re-explore the real you from a variety of perspectives, and
  • find new ways of enjoying creatively expressing your natural talents and passions.

A key principle of the book is that only you can decide what you enjoy.


Linking lifestyle and business affects all your people no matter what their workplace discipline may be. 

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