Life's Energy Resources

To learn how to sustain your energy for living life to the full, look no further than a significant tree in your neighbourhood.


The strength and energy of that tree is founded in an elaborate root system that:

  • typically, spreads one and a half times the height and width of what you can see above the ground
  • provides the strength and stability that enables the tree to withstand the storms and rains over its life, much like those that we have experienced in Adelaide over recent weeks
  • constantly searches its surrounding ecosystem for nutrients that generate and sustain the energy the tree needs to grow, flourish and blossom.

Nor does the tree

  • divide its life into work and leisure, or
  • stop growing at some pre-determined age. It will continue to grow as long as it and its supporting community remains healthy.

Your strength and energy are sourced from within the real you – the person who looks out at the world through your eyes. Your unique talents and passions provide the conduit – the root system, if you will - through which you draw your energy to grow, flourish and blossom into the person you were born to be.


It doesn’t just happen though. It is through the use and development of your talents and passions that you draw your energy to grow, flourish and blossom into the magnificent being you were born to become. You will keep on growing for as long as your health continues, including the health of the community within which you choose to mix.


If your growth is stunted and in need of some pruning for stronger personal growth and development, I have the people gardening resources to help ensure your life flourishes and blossoms to its intended full glory.  Email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.