About Peter Nicholls

Peter's Passion

Peter has for over 30 years been passionate about the self-empowering benefits of pursuing one's favourite leisure, recreation or sporting interests.  Not just while enjoying that interest but the ripple effect it has through to everything else one does in life. The more often one experiences that interest, the greater the impact on self-esteem, self-confidence, resilience and work productivity.

Peter experienced a sort of ephinany in 1974 when he attended a one-day seminar on "Leisure – The Issue of the 80’s”. He was hooked!  Peter enrolled in the Recreation Planning Graduate Diploma in 1975 at the University of Canberra. His first assignment earned a Distinction with the comment “I can find nothing to criticize in this excellent report”.  He went on to become one of the pioneers of the recreation profession in Australia.

Leisure is Back in Business

For years nobody in business wanted to know about the benefits of leisure to their business . They saw it as slacking off, waste of good working time, even a competitor to work. After all the years of Peter having to defend the dignity and value of leisure interests in the field of personal growth, the massive social changes of recent years did it for him. Importantly, the nature of leisure didn't change, society's perception of it did. The 21st century life of stress, pressure, urgency, depression and burnout has put leisure back in business.

Leisure is now nature’s stress manager. Peter’s knowledge and seasoned experience now offers you/your people a powerful resource and a very different, purposeful, cost-efficient approach to stress management, work life balance and retirement planning. It's an advantage that few others can replicate. 

This work has taught Peter much about positive human behaviour not just at leisure but at work, home and in community life. 

The mind is the core of today's workplace. So if mind over matter is the answer to your health, stress and mental problems, an absorbing leisure interest provides amazingly positive and sustained benefits to every aspect of one's life. Not just any interest – one that creatively expresses your natural talents purely for the sheer exhilaration of the experience.  

The Proof

The ultimate proof of Peter's beliefs came to the fore in 2001, at one of the lowest points in his life, when he joined a choir to escape from his problems for two hours a week. That decision brought about an amazing turnaround in his life. Peter's sense of self worth, self esteem and self belief grew rapidly, culminating in the rather bold decision, at the ripe young age of 63, to establish his own lifestyle mentoring business.

Why does he call himself Australia's People Gardener?

  • Peter's professional training placed emphasis on recreational use of natural resource areas such as parks (urban and rural), rivers, beaches and countryside areas.
  • This work necessitated Peter to work closely with managers of parks and other natural resources. This taught Peter much about the interaction - good and bad - between people and nature.
  • People are part of - not above - nature and our natural growth has much in common with the growth of any other creature of nature.

    Peter is a Life Member and Past National President of the Royal Australian Institute of Parks and Recreation (now Parks and Leisure Australia).
Listening Skills

The most consistent compliment Peter gets from his many clients is his remarkable ability to listen with purpose and without judgement. "He makes me feel I am the most important person in the world". 

Gender Equality

Peter works comfortably with men and women alike – in mixed groups or separately.

Just A Nice Guy to Be With

In the final analysis Peter is a man whom people find to be warm, engaging, positive and easy to know. “Peter is a very genuine man, who's truly interested in helping people regain control of their lives and who they authentically are. He has a wealth of knowledge and experience but I find his integrity, patience and listening skills a delight to be around in this hectic world.” Joanna Cozens Director, Hey Jo, Sydney.

Contact Peter today: mob. 0417 817 027