Enjoy Being You (Old)


Enjoy Being You
How leisure can help you become the person you want to be


"Enjoy Being You" presents a simple message, with a meaning unique to you, one that empowers and re-energizes you daily, no matter how demanding, stressful or relentless your life may be.




I BELIEVE every person has the right to blossom to their full potential, develop their natural talents and follow their passions - at work, home and play.


MY DREAM is for the natural-born potential of the world’s people to be collectively in full bloom, the seeds of their talents fertilized by passionate interests and enriched by shared experiences with like-minded people.

 from "My Dream for the World



The real you is like buried treasure. The hidden person you were born to be, the talents and passions you were intended to develop, enabling your unique potential to blossom.


Whatever your age or how you feel about life, this book is for you, the real you, the inner self, the person looking out at the world through your eyes, the private person who never changes within, no matter how much your public persona is seen to change.


Enjoy Being You does more than just unleash your natural sense of enjoyment. It:

  • re-energizes your power to cope with life,  
  • builds and sustains the resilience to rise above constant excessive prolonged stress, 
  • creates a true sense of work life harmony, and 
  • helps you plan for the long years ahead when work will no longer be the centre of your life.

Enjoy Being You will encourage you to:

  • $       Dig for your buried treasure of passionate interests,  
  • U   Unleash your hidden talents  and untapped potential 
  • R    Re-create quality life experiences unique to you 
  •       Re-discover the person you always wanted to be 
  •       Express yourself in your chosen ways 
  •       Re-assert that you are indeed a person of worth

 Here's what people around the world are saying about "Enjoy Being You":

  • I am reading Enjoy Being You and really like how you put things together so easily. You're making me look at things under a new light and I really appreciate it. - Joe Norton California USA
  • "Enjoy Being You" is not just a book...it has touched my heart deeply. Thank you so much." - I Seidl, Berlin Germany
  • "I read Enjoy Being You as a religion. I am looking for a publisher to spread your message abroad in China. I believe I can succeed. Thanks and best wishes". Ma Huidi, Beijing China
  • "An excellent reminder on how easy it really is to put fun back into life...thanks for helping me 'enjoying being me'." J. Hanlon Adelaide


That’s it folks. No need to complicate one of life's simplest messages.

The rest is up to you and your desire, right and ability to truly enjoy being you.



Enjoy Being You is the best self-investment you will ever make.

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