Work Life Harmony

Work life harmony is the 21st century way for the business and the individual worker to effectively relate to each other.

For the individual, work life harmony is about creating the right mix of

  • energy-burning and energy-depleting interests at work and in personal life, and
  • pursuing personal goals that harmonize with the employer's corporate goals

For the employer, work life harmony is about creating a workplace culture (‘the way we do things here’) that maximizes work corporate productivity in ways that help its people to each develop their unique talents, passions, potential and personal life goals.


You'll never get work life balance but you can get work life harmony.

You want to enjoy life - at work, at home and at play. Work is only one part of life's big picture. Your personal goals, hopes and dreams are what gives life meaning for you. Business goals are just one (albeit important) means towards turning those hopes into reality.

Life today gets in the way. Financial demands, expectations of you by others, obligations and the pressure to conform. Realistically you probably can’t break totally free, but you can create a harmonious mix of what you have to do and what you love to do.

My services focus on what you love to do – sometimes suppressed, sometimes forgotten but never dead. With the right cultivation and gentle self-caring, your dormant dreams can still surface and flourish.

Work/ life balance as we know it at present isn't working.

  • It's a "time-poor" concept, based on conflicting demands of employer and employee for a share of the 24/7 day.
  • Separation of work and personal life roles has become a blur. Work is just one of many roles that people perform in their 168 hour week.
  • Family-friendly policies are now only one aspect of the work life balance issue.
  • Stress today is the silent killer – insidiously strangling health by stealth. It’s now a matter of managing energy more than time.

Work Life Harmony is the way to go – a harmonious mix of work and personal needs, goals and interests. A constant flow of energy in / energy out..
Harmony is the product of diversity. Like a choir of diverse singers who create a beautiful sound, work life harmony is about creating a harmonious mix of work, home, play and community life obligations and interests.


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