I believe you have the right to blossom to your full potential, develop your natural talents and follow your passions - at work, home and at play.


The problem is life gets in the way. Life demands you give priority to others' expectations. While you feel obliged (rightly) to do what you have to do, you also have an obligation on yourself to make the most of your  natural-born talents, skills, passionate interests and to allow your unique potential to  blossom.


The answer is to develop a lifestyle that represents a harmonious mix of what  you have to do and what you love to do.


You make lifestyle choices throughout your life. My professional services can add value to your choices when you face certain more significant changes in your life.  These include:

  • your life is out of balance, with an undue emphasis on (usually) work responsibilities
  • the loss of a partner through death or divorce
  • making the transition from when your life is centred around work to one where work is no longer the centre of your life. The traditional idea of retirement is changing dramatically.

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