Do You Have a Life-time Self-Investment Plan?


You have no doubt given due thought to your superannuation financial needs. You will have thought about the many financial fears and uncertainties relating to retirement and simply not knowing how much money you are likely to need. You’re probably thinking you have enough trouble paying your bills right now, let alone in your later years. It’s all a bit of worry no matter how young or old you are.


Nor will you get any help from me. I’m not a financial planner, I’m a lifestyle planner. My focus is on you investing in yourself and your natural abilities for the rest of your life, irrespective of how long you continue getting paid to work.


What will get you out of bed every day for the rest of your life?


Whatever your age, there are powerful reasons why you should act now to ensure you will always have a full and satisfying life. The terminology is much the same for both. A lifetime financial investment plan (superannuation) and a lifetime self-investment plan.


What should a self-investment plan look like? The answers will be unique to you but they will come from re-visiting your natural-born talents, passions, skills and the potential those resources could realize. It needs you to create regular experiences in your week from now on that creatively express your talents:

  • in your own freely-chosen way,
  • for the sheer intrinsic enjoyment you gain from each such experience,
  • in your chosen location,
  • by yourself or with like-minded other people and
  • gives you that time-stopping feeling of being ‘in the zone’ (or state-of-flow).

These interests/experiences:

  • are unrelated to work or other demands on you
  • are energizing, mentally stimulating and spiritually refreshing
  • you can pursue whenever and wherever you wish
  • could be passions that your busy life has forced you to suppress - but don’t limit your potential to try something totally new and challenging (perhaps be the first to….?)

Have a number of diverse interests in mind, even if your present lifestyle doesn’t yet give you much time to pursue them as fully as you might like.


In this way you are establishing a self-investment plan for life. It’s an investment that will accumulate compound personal interest over the coming years, no matter what the economic market may have in store for you. When the time comes that you no longer get paying work for any reason, you will reap the rewards of your plan….well, at least the self-investment one!


Importantly, your self-investment plan will generate an immediate high-interest return. This comes in the form of the stress-managing, resilience-building, mentally-energising, health and wellbeing benefits that you will get through allowing yourself regular doses of “me time” in which to enjoy developing your own lifelong passions.