Are You Due for Your 50-Years Service/Oil Change?

I have always liked the saying Never lose sight of the big picture. Never lose sight of what you set out to achieve.  You probably relate it to your business but when did you last relate it to where your life is going?


It’s a question you may well have considered when you hit a “big 0” age – 30, 40, 50, 60, etc.  None more so it seems than when you hit 50 years of age or thereabouts. What we often call a mid-life crisis.  I liken it to booking your car in for its required 50 000 km full check, grease and oil change to ensure it continues to run smoothly for another 50 000 km.  These days there are good reasons to give your life a thorough check at this theoretical half-way mark:

  • Statistically speaking you can still expect a long way to go, with people increasingly living a productive life through to their 90’s and beyond
  • The desire and ability to stay healthy for that long means that you want to keep your mind, body and spirit firing on all cylinders
  • Where will work fall into that scenario? If not, what will take its place to keep those cylinders firing? 
  • How hard have you been pushing your engine so far? The late Jimmy Durante is reputed to have said when celebrating his 80th birthday, “If I’d known I was going to live this long I’d have taken better care of myself!” Do you have stress-free personal interests that re-energize you and keep your mind, body and spirit humming along?    

I am now in my 70’s and my life continues to fire on all cylinders and I am giving my mind, body and spirit constant quality exercising.  Here are a few tips:

  • Have at least one passionate energizing interest outside of work – now! - no matter how long you plan to continue working for a living
  • Focus on cultivating your natural talents, skills and passions – these are always part of what makes you grow irrespective of the work you do or how long you live. A tree doesn’t stop growing at 65 nor do you. Nor does it make any distinction between work and leisure to mature and blossom to its full glory
  • Love the real you, the inner self who looks out at the world through your eyes. That’s the person other  people will always love and value too
  • Cultivate networks of friendships with people you like being with, who share similar interests, who think like you do and who are as positive in outlook as you. Connections that reflect your life interests not just your work interests
  • Leisure is no longer in the shadow of work. Leisure passions enable you to freely express who you are, your natural talents and your unique potential for the intrinsic enjoyment of being yourself. No one but you can tell you what you enjoy doing or what you have the potential to achieve
  • give back something of your experience, knowledge and wisdom to others. Leave a legacy by which you would be proud to be remembered.

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