People Purpose Parks

Parks are more than places of beauty and colour. I see urban parks as humanity's efforts at creating nature. Parks symbolize the fact that we are part of nature. There is so much about a park that creates, reflects and respects what natural health and wellbeing is all about.

Here are some poems I have written over the years about parks. They are all included in my book "Enjoy Being You - How Leisure Can Help You Become the Person You Want to Be". Click here for more details.


People Purpose Parks


We all seek





physical and emotional release from stress

refreshment of the mind, body and spirit

positive thoughts and feelings

creative expression

true communication with people

a time for patience and wisdom

the ability to see problems in perspective

and a renewed love and zest for life.


All of these we can find anywhere, at any time.

But there is more chance of finding them

when you are in a park.


The Tree of Wisdom


I stand in awe of this mighty giant,

Dwarfed by her size,

Subdued by her power,

Humbled by her timeless existence.


Within her might and majesty I sense




Love and compassion.


This living, breathing, natural cathedral

Stands in silent dignity;

Inspiring me to view my life

From her perspective.



Thank You


To you, who create our parks,

Fashion nature’s display,

Choosing colours, shaping vistas,

Tending, blending, caring, nurturing.


Composing a symphony

Of sounds, sights and smells,

The violins of rustling trees,

The flutes and oboes of birdsong,


The piccolos of running water,

Each movement linked by the stillness

Of a summer’s day.


You bring peace and happiness to people

You will never meet,

But, in the silence of our contemplation,

We will thank you

Over and over again.