The Invisible Me

Take a moment to revisit the real you, the invisible self, the person who looks out at the world through your eyes:

There is a me you cannot see,

A me that even I can’t see,

The person I was born to be,

The soul that soars inside of me.


Sometimes I see a fantasy,

The younger me I used to be,

A Peter Pan, forever free

To stay the person I love to be.


You would see me differently,

Perhaps someone you want to see,

A portrait that you paint of me,

The person you presume I’d be.


Please accept the reality

Of an inner me I long to free,

To be the person I was meant to be,

And to love the person I know as me.


Our common responsibility

Is not to assume who others might be,

Don’t put them in boxes, nor steal the key

That allows their talents to set them free.


We all are different, you must agree,

Unique in our talent and ability,

We yearn to allow the world to see

What we can do and give and be.


My message for the world to agree

Is for you to be you and me to be me,

To follow our passions and set them free,

To enjoy being you and enjoy being me.


- Peter Nicholls

 You can hear the way I intended these words to be read by

clicking here to listen to/watch my YouTube presentation of "The Invisible Me"