The Invisible Me

The Invisible Me

There is the real you - the person who looks out at the world through your eyes.  And there is your public persona - the public you who plays many roles according to every situation you face, at work, home or play.  My work relates to the real you and sometimes life gets in the way, causing you to suppress, even forget, the real you,


Leisure is about expressing the real you. It's any experience in which the real you creatively expresses your natural talents and passions purely for the joy of doing so. It's nature's stress manager, and maximizes one's personal growth and development.

Many clients say I listen like they are the only person on earth, an attribute I find to be vital in my task of understanding and mentoring the real self not the public persona into which we all otherwise get pigeon-holed.


"The Invisible Me" is a poem designed to remind you who you really are. In this video you can hear exactly the sentiments I intended to express. The music was composed by my good friend Rosemary Nairn OAM.


I encourage you view this video and for just 2 1/2 minutes, enjoy reflecting on the fact that you are truly a person of worth.


With warmest regards