Where Are You At in Your Life?

Discover what is important to you in planning the next chapter in your life.

Print this page (see symbol under the heading above).

Select twelve (12) statements that best resonate with you (circle the numbers) and follow the steps shown below the list.


  1. A passionate life keeps you moving out of your comfort zone.

  2. A tree doesn’t stop growing at 65, nor do you.

  3. Age is irrelevant today in finding solutions to problems.

  4. Allow curiosity to carry you into the magical world of imagination.

  5. Any experience you really enjoy is a unique expression of your natural self.

  6. LIke the acorn becomes an oak, you are born to achieve your natural potential.

  7. Be engaged in your work but don’t get married to your job.

  8. Business success is about generating positive human behaviour.

  9. Creative leisure experiences allow the real you to shine.

  10. Develop your talents enough to help people who need your talents.

  11. Enjoyment generates the energy that drives your life.

  12. Enjoyment is a three-phase experience – planning, doing and remembering.

  13. Enjoyment, fun, laughter – simple, powerful, life-enriching emotions.

  14. Focus on your mental energy rather than your time.

  15. Fun provides the life balance that keeps you sane.

  16. Give yourself permission to enjoy yourself.

  17. Healthy people have a light in their eyes and a song in their heart.

  18. Leisure is now a supporter of work productivity, not a competitor.

  19. Let laughter always be on the tip of your tongue.

  20. Let the child in you come out to play – often.

  21. Like a tree, your strength comes from hidden resources.

  22. 'Me time' isn’t just nice time, it’s energy time to fight the tough times.

  23. Mental fitness comes from enjoying exercising the mind.

  24. Nature makes no distinction between work and leisure for growth.

  25. Never underestimate the power of heartfelt words,

  26. New challenges are less about needing different talents and more about tweaking the one’s you’ve got.

  27. Only you can decide what you enjoy.

  28. Opportunities tend to find you before you find them.

  29. Positive behaviour energises the mind, lifts self-esteem and expands horizons of the mind.

  30. Resilience needs to be constantly fed by enjoyment.

  31. Retirement has been retired. Now it’s “What’s for dessert?? I’ve finished the main course and I’m still hungry!”

  32. Stress is measured by the gap between the public you and the person looking out at the world throgh your eyes.

  33. Successful leaders choose followers who know more than the leaders.

  34. The enjoyment factor keeps you young.

  35. The mid-life crisis is nature telling you it’s time for your 50K grease and oil change.

  36. The person who looks out at the world through your eyes never changes.

  37. Want to feel better? Do something to make someone else feel better.

  38. We are all ageing, but who is old?

  39. What you do away from work affects what you do at work.

  40. When you lose yourself in an interest you love, you find yourself.

  41. Workaholics are like a car that never goes near a service station.

  42. You are a part of nature. Enjoy being your natural self.

  43. You cannot always be in charge of events in your life but you are in charge of how you respond.

  44. You have an ever-refilling supply of natural energy stored within you.

  45. You were born to grow, flourish and blossom to your natural potential.

  46. Your difference is your strength.

  47. Your mix of talents and passions is unique in human history.

  48. Your talents and passions feed your hunger to grow.

Review your chosen twelve (12) statements to see if you can find a common theme emerging from those messages. Note particular key words for you in any of your chosen statements

What thoughts has this exercise triggered about what is important to you?

What  have you learned from this process that might improve the quality of your life?  (Your answers will be unique to you).

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