The Power of Sensitive Listening

When you speak, is the other person really listening? How often have you felt they were simply waiting for you to pause so they could have their say? We don’t seem to have the time and priority to listen to hear, to absorb what the other person is saying. This is being compounded by research findings showing that the number one problem facing staff is a lack of communication. 


We seem to be losing the art of listening to hear and in doing so we are losing the power - and the empowerment - that sensitive listening can generate. 


Engagement is essential for attracting, retaining, developing and sustaining good staff.  People want to feel they have been listened to. Even if their views aren't accepted, they want to know they have been heard and their views absorbed before a decision is reached, that their talents and abilities are valued. This can only happen through listening to hear.


This message is important for managers and staff alike, indeed for everybody. The art of listening is vital to true engagement and involvement. The more you value listening to others, the more they will value listening to you.


Nor is this just a message for the workplace. We all want to feel engaged, feeling part of, belonging to, connected with and contributing meaningfully to, be it at work or in personal life.


Sensitive listening is all-too-rare. With much of today’s communication being electronic, sensitive listening is in danger of becoming a lost art. But while ever people want to feel wanted, to belong, to be social beings, to be valued and respected, we will always need to value listening and being listened to.



My clients say I listen like they are the only person on earth, that I am not judgmental about what I hear and that I make the client feel important. My point of professional difference comes from 40+ years of encouraging positive human behaviour through recreation/leisure planning and development. These facts form the core of my Lifestyle Review workshops.           Click here for more details.