Beating Burnout Before It Bites


Never before have people so desperately needed personal energy. Not just to cope with stress but to be able to positively develop and prosper despite the stress.  We are living in the most stressful, fast-changing, high-pressured era of the world's history - and it isn't going to get any easier.


This article doesn't presume to reduce your stress. Its a fact of life we all have to face. The only person that can deal with your stress is you. We are all guilty of putting undue stress upon ourselves, often by virtue of the expectations we feel others are placing on us.


But nature has provided you with natural stress-management resources.


Energy Demand

There will always only be 24 hours in a day. People's time needs for work and non-work responsibilities/ interests have collided. Work has spilled into private time and vice-versa. Business people are encouraged to work smarter, not harder. Now we all have to learn to live smarter not harder. Time management needs to be replaced with a program of energy management, in which we determine priorities for allocating our energies and creating a sustained supply of new energy.


You can't deficit-budget time, but it's possible to deficit-budget mental energy. A few energizing minutes a day can keep you going for hours and longer, so long as those minutes are spent doing something that creatively expresses your inner self, simply because it makes you feel good about yourself. This means you don’t just switch off from stressful pursuits, you switch on to some freely-chosen personal interest that you have created that gives you the joy of expressing your true self.


Energy Supply

Nature supplies free, renewable, unlimited and sustainable personal energy of mind, body and spirit through the experience of enjoyment.  Enjoyment is a self-created experience, expressing talents, passions, and positive emotions that makes you feel good about yourself.


To depend solely on job satisfaction as an energizing source suggests an unbalanced lifestyle.  Similar to the wisdom of diversifying financial investments, the wise person develops alternative sources of personal energy.  What if you lose your ability to work, or have to retire?    Whatever your circumstances, alternative, self-chosen interests give regular, sustainable, stress-free, life-enriching experiences.


The Energy Cycle

Burnt energy has to be replaced or you burn out. The harder you drive yourself, the faster you burn your energy – just like a car. And, just like a car, your health needs regular care and attention to ensure a long life.


When you lose yourself in an interest you love, you find yourself. When you’re absorbed in a passionate interest to the exclusion of all else, you naturally go into what is often called a ‘state of flow’, or ‘in the zone’. You set your problems aside and lose your sense of stress. It’s the most natural, sustainable and freely-accessible personal energy source available.  The interest can be physical, mental or spiritual.  Your talents come to the fore, creating a ripple effect that allows your self esteem, self confidence and sense of self worth to flow through to everything else you do.


Click here for some tips on how you can find this sort of energy within your own unique lifestyle.