Putting Human Back Into Human Resources and People Back Into Leadership


How do you respond to these questions:


  • Do you see a difference between the person you are away from the office and the person you are when you are at work?
  • Is there a genuine CEO interest in the real self of staff in the organisation?
  • Would the CEO be prepared to say so to all staff?
  • Is this presently reflected in your workplace culture, i.e.“the way we do things here“?
  • Do you see potential business value in identifying ways of harmonizing the organisation’s profit aims with individual self-actualization interests of staff?
  • Do you personally have any passionate leisure interests in your own time? If yes:
    • how does this benefit you in your working life?
    • would you see good business/productivity/profit potential in encouraging all staff to pursue their own passionate leisure interests on the basis that it would strengthen their workplace value?

If your responses have been of a positive nature, then we have the basis to meet for a discussion on what I can do to help your organisation.


Every business is made up of people - managers and staff - who are the real self and the business person. It's tough to be both at once if the business is going to make a profit. But there's no escaping the fact they are always the same person.

Because business today is all about knowledge, information and specialised expertise, company power is spread throughout the organisation. 'The chain depends on its weakest link' is proving a strong principle to be observed for sustained corporate health and strength.  


C'mon. You and your people are flesh and blood humans trying to do the best we can for our personal lives (sorry, but work is only one - albeit important - ways we go about making the best of our lives.  


Let me help you effectively spend a small amount of your time and resources to work with the whole person, the one hidden behind the business person.  You, your organisation and the aims of the organisation will benefit in an amazing array of ways.

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Action Options

  • Check the options under the "Business" dialogue box - top right hand corner of this page
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  • If you value the the emotional/mental wellbeing of your people, Check "What is Mental Wellbeing?" Here's the link.
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  • Book me to speak at your next business event, management meeting, seminar, or conference. My topic area is multi-disciplinary, lateral-thinking, different and refreshing in this era of prolonged excessive stress. 
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