A Productive Workplace Culture

Contented workers work harder. It's a message that is gaining increasing acceptance in the tough dog-eat-dog world of competitive business. Engagement is another increasingly used word - the ability to have staff feel passionately involved in and owning a share of the responsibility for the success of corporate goals.

What makes for a contented employee who is keen to be engaged in achieving the goals of the organization?  Salary continues to be a key factor but surveys show lifestyle factors are rivaling salary in importance. All of them relate to the desire of the employee to express and develop their talents, enjoying flexible working conditions that appropriately recognize their personal priorities, obligations, interests and life goals.

Such a workplace culture (‘the way we do things here’) is anything but a ‘one policy fits all’ approach. Nor does it mean trying to please everybody. What it does mean is recognizing each member of staff as a unique human being. Like the salesperson who wants to know enough about the customer’s needs to make a mutually-satisfying sale, so the employer needs to understand enough about each employee to ensure a mutually-satisfying productivity outcome.

People who are contented with their lot in life are more likely to be more contented in their job, more productive and more likely to stay. They then become their employer’s most powerful advertisement to other prospective employers.  See my article “People Poaching – the Problem or the Solution?



Get a life, you work better and live longer – in return I get more for my pound of flesh from you” is a simple, powerful, if still rather ‘out of the square’ message that an employer can give to empower every employee.

I provide lifestyle mentoring services that make bosses look good, make staff feel more contented (I don’t like the word happy) and foster an increased air of human energy, enthusiasm, creativity, innovation and expanded professional potential.   Consider these options:



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